Mika Meihan Hu. 
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Graphic Designer / Interaction Designer / Media Artist

Lives and works in Pasadena, CA, US

?: The End of Burnout ,The Beginning of Healing

interaction installation , booklet design
( 2023, Pollak Building, Richmond, VA )


booklet design (multi-size)

     interaction method : press the switch -> screen flashes

"The gods are tired, the eagle is tired, the wound is healed in weariness."
- Franz Kafka
The myth of Prometheus can be read as a metaphor for the psychological mechanism of the modern meritocratic subject (Leistungssubjekt), that is, to inflict violence on itself and wage war against itself.

A eagle pecks his liver daily, which keeps growing again, and this vicious eagle is his alter ego, constantly fighting against himself.

Prometheus as a self-exploitative subject is seized by a never-ending sense of weariness. He is the original metaphor of the Müdigkeitsgesellschaft.
(The burnout society)

The Museum of Corner

Poster & Flyer Design
( 2023 , 950 building 2nd floor, Pasadena, CA )

“To live and die in this sentimental corner, you told yourself; Yes, indeed, to live and die there; why not, then, Monsieur de Pinamonte, you who so love dark, dusty little corners?”

- A Novel of Sacred and Profane Love
Oscar Vladislas de Lubicz Milosz 1993

The Museum of Corner delves into the profound exploration of an ordinary individual's daily existence within the vast tapestry of society. The exhibition skillfully navigates a dynamic spatial progression, seamlessly transitioning from compact to expansive rooms.

This interplay of spatial dimensions, coupled with the shifting nuances of day and night, presents a captivating narrative.

The entrance signifies the dawn of a new day, while the exit marks its closure, ingeniously intertwined to create a continuous cycle of renewal.

Poster Only
O+M Lecture

Poster Design
(2022, Bond Paper, Richmond, VA)

What’s My Life?

Board Game Map Design for Autistic Children
(2022, Bond Paper, Richmond, VA)

Tuesday Oct 5 2021