Mika Meihan Hu. 
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Graphic Designer / Interaction Designer / Media Artist

Lives and works in Pasadena, CA, US

AR, Unity, UIUX,3D Modeling

This is a virtual drinking and party APP. Users can join party with friends in the AR world through their mobile phones at home.
It's convenient for people who love drinking to enjoy the experience of partying with friends in a bar by using this AR application.

My Fridge  APP  

Simplify your kitchen experience with personalized organization tips, ingredient tracking, and timely shelf-life reminders.
With MyFridge, optimize your food storage, plan meals effortlessly, and minimize waste as you embark on your career journey.


Prototype, Arduino, Unity, P5js,
Posture recognition

“ Are you tired? Are you sleepy?”
“ Do you want to just fall asleep?
“ No, get up and work! “
“ Wake up! Wake up! “

The act of awakening does not necessarily occur from a first-person perspective, and this action needs to be introduced and set up through its opposite, "sleep." I choose to assign the action of "awakening" to the audience, allowing them to awaken someone who is sleeping.

More prototypes trying before the final~
Tuesday Oct 5 2021