Prototype, Unity,  p5js, Arduino, Posture recognition
( 2023,  Artcenter, Pasadena CA )

“ Are you tired? Are you sleepy?”
“ Do you want to just fall asleep?
“ Wake! Wake ! “

This project delves into the concept of "wake" through the lens of prototypes. It explores the intricacies of awakening: from the mechanics of waking up to its deeper significance—be it spiritual or physical. Through the creation of 5 distinct prototypes, I employed a range of technologies including Unity animation and skeleton binding, p5.js creative programming, and posture recognition.

The final prototype, a culmination of these explorations, empowers the audience to interact with the concept of "wake." By manipulating various movements to interact with a symbolic white house, participants are tasked with rousing a dormant figure, prompting reflection on the complexities of awakening.

Final virson :  unity animation rigging,  ardunino sencer

shaking houselet the person in the video to change her sleeping position

1st virson :  p5js  creative video
2nd virson : posture recognition

3rd virson : blinking animation in unity

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